More Darwin says Hi!

Ok, so to round the week off, one more post on wierdness in nature.  I spent a while deciding whether to blog about some skeptical stuff, but decided to finish the week as I started it, with more animal WTFness.

Today, I present the tasty (or so I hear) dinner from the Crustacean family known as the lobster.  Image is from


Pay attention to the location of the "Green Gland"

The green gland (or antenna gland) located between the brain and mouth.  I have been reliably informed that if you “accidentally” eat this while eating a lobster, it is extremely bitter, and liable to make you throw up…not quite sure what you are doing poking your fork that far into the lobsters head, when I dissected one of these this week, it was fairly far back in the head, relative to the meaty parts.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.  The green gland is defined as “Organ producing a secretion that allows toxic substances to be eliminated from the body; its opening is located at the base of the antennae. ”  This is a euphemistic way of saying it is the equivalent of the bladder and kidneys on humans.  It exits just under the antenna.

If you have problems visualising this, then imagine your nasal cavity having your bladder placed just behind it.  Unlike the snail we looked at earlier this week, at least the lobster has its anus in the correct location.

So, as with the snail and slug, this could either be a result of developing an exoskeleton and having your internal organs shifted around, or…intelligent design.

Once again, I will let you decide…


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