Friday Documentary 2

Today I began writing a post which turned out to need a lot more research than I originally planned, and to need a lot of re-wording so it does not sound too boring, so, instead of a Friday post, I am going to link to another awesome documentary.

This one is David Attenboroughs First Life, and it is a bit of an update on Life on Earth, which is the series I am working through for these posts.   It is well worth watching, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do (I have watched most of these documentaries at least 5 or 6 times, as each time I notice something I did not see last time I watched it)

One final thought before I link the video.  When I was getting these DVDs, I noticed that an entire DVD set of say, Life on Earth, costs about the same as a movie. Now, maybe I am strange, but I think that a documentary series is far better value than a single movie.  I usually get my DVDs from the Amazon BBC site, so maybe prices are different elsewhere, but for me, they are great value.


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