Friday Documentary

The documentary today covers my other passion in science, geology, as well as one of my favourite reading topics, the history of science.

I find it fascinating and inspiring to learn how discoveries were made, what led to them, and what the people who made them were thinking about.

This is episode one from a BBC series called “Earth Story”, and this first episode is about how geology as a science came to be, and what led scientists to start considering that the earth is several billion years old rather than a few thousand.

For me, geology is fascinating because, once you have even a very basic understanding of it, it changes the way you see the world as you are walking around.  You start noticing details you had not seen before, and a cliff or hillside never looks the same again, and even in flatter landscapes, you start recognising certain features which show the changes in the landscape over time, as rivers move.


2 thoughts on “Friday Documentary

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