Friday Documentary

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, I am in  the middle of exams at the moment, but hope to have the 2nd post on brachiopods up at the weekend.

So, the documentary I have for you today is “How the earth made us” Episode 1: Deep Earth

I mentioned last week that I also love geology, this programme is about how the geological processes of the Earth have played a role in human civilisation throughout history.  Later episodes cover atmospheric conditions, climate, water and fire (volcanos).

For me, this series combines so many aspects of natural science that I love.  I wanted to go into Climate Science, but, Atmospheric Physics has a LOT of very scary maths in it, although I love the complexity…I have had to promise that I am not going to do stormchasing if I ever go to the USA, or at least dont tell people til after I do it!  I also have a crazy fascination with volcanos, and again, have been asked to not mention it if I am going clambering up the side of the volcano when I go travelling!

So, without further ado, Dr Iain Stewart with How the Earth made us. Enjoy!


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