Stop gap post while I am revising

As I mentioned last week, I have an exam on Wednesday, so am doing some final revision today and tomorrow, so no long posts til Wednesday.

On Wednesday I will be picking up with the story of life on earth, but until then, I wanted to share this documentary.

It is another BBC one (I have a thing for their awesome documentaries), and is on the topic of human evolution.

It is part of a series called “The Origins of Us”, and this episode is about our bones.

I hope you find it as interesting as I did.  Alice Roberts, the presenter is one of my favourite presenters of anthropology type documentaries.


7 thoughts on “Stop gap post while I am revising

  1. No, it is not, but I did double courses this semester, so took 4 exams instead of two, so passed two and am resitting two this month. It was semi-planned, as I would have only have gotten a D or something if I had passed them, and I had not been able to go to all lectures due to overlap of classes. I am kind of annoyed at myself as it is the first time I have failed exams, but, then I have to remind myself that I have only been well enough to attend uni full time this semester, and that I may have pushed myself a teeeny bit too far with doing double courses :p

    • If that’s a fault at all, it’s a fault in the right direction! Anyway people like you provide work for people like me. I’m invigilating atm so I get chance to argyle up (socks or cardigan, but not both on the same day) and earn squids (£££).

      Your WP blog isn’t mainly about health and nor’s mine but I realise that I didn’t know you’d been ill. May I ask what it is/was?

      • I had an event while I was living in the UK that led to me having PTSD, and that turned me pretty much into an agoraphobic for 3 years, and also gave me very nasty depression. As I started getting over that, I developed major anxiety, especially in regard to social situations, public transport etc. When I was unable to work due to the PTSD and depression, I decided to go to Uni, but due to my anxieties I wasnt able to attend many classes for the first two years (Several of my exams I took without having been to a single class, which is far from ideal).

        It was only in January that I was well enough to be able to attend every class, and then I decided “I am a bit behind on credits, but want to finish my bachelor as close as possible to my original end date, so lets do 2 years study in 1 year”, so have done my “minor” subject (Geography) as well as functional biology, Biochemistry and Animal & Plant Physiology (For my “major” subject) this semester. The Biochemistry was a bad choice as it overlapped with one of my bachelor topics, so I did not go to those lectures, and teaching yourself biochem is a bit tricky! Animal and Plant Physiology just came at the wrong time between writing my bachelor project in geography and having exams in other topics, so my head was just in a mess during that exam, as my professor wrote to me “You seem to have forgotten to answer the last half of the exam”.

        I still have 2 courses to make up next semester for credits, but am aiming to finish in January, so only 1 semester later than I originally planned.

        EDIT: I have joked that I should send my blog in for my exam entry for animal physiology :p

      • Thank you for being so open. It sounds like a lot that you deal with and I honour you.

        I forget whether I’ve already mentioned my disability to you but it’s multiple sclerosis. I’m not secretive about it, but I blog on WP partly to have a place where I can talk about the science I love rather than about the MS. My other online presence is on LiveJournal where I run 2 communities: friendly_crips and disabledstudent. You’d be welcome over there. In fact, if you Friend me on LJ I’ll add you to the filter on which I brainstorm about what WP blog posts to write next. More ideas than I can keep up with! Writer’s block isn’t a problem that I face.

  2. In the U.S, we have things like the National Geographic channel and the Science channel, but learn about all sorts of things like UFOs and their alien pilots, psychics, and proving that God exists. What a shame that you’re stuck with only learning facts. Let me tell you about homeopathy…

    • Hehe, yes, there is also the Hitler..I mean, History, Channel, which has morphed into the Ancient Aliens Channel lately. I try to share these BBC/Channel 4 documentaries as many people do not get to see them, and they are way too awesome to be hidden away!

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