Friday Documentary

The documentary today does have a warning at the front of it.

It is from “Inside Natures Giants” on Channel 4, and is about the anatomy of animals, beyond that which you usually see in documentaries.

This episode is about a fin whale which beached in Ireland.

The warning that I would put up is that as this shows gross anatomy, it involves an autopsy, and so I understand that some people are squeamish about this.  I have felt a bit squeamish sometimes, and I am sure Argyle Sock (over at Science on the Land) has felt a bit grossed out once in a while too!  Usually my fascination is the stronger emotion though.

This episode is not very gory, and has the most awesome anatomist ever! She is called Joy Reidenberg and her enthusiasm is infectious, as with many good teachers.

I hope that you will enjoy this documentary, as it shows things that do not normally get discussed in documentaries, and has some awesome information about fin whales.



2 thoughts on “Friday Documentary

  1. I’m on my 1st cuupa coffee & today’s my birthday, so I’m passin on whale gutz 4 the time being, but thanks 4 thinking of me! gack

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