Friday Documentary

This weeks documentary is following up on a post I made earlier, where I showed some Bathymetry images HERE

This one is from Discovery Channel, and is called “Drain the Ocean”, and shows some very nice images of what the seafloor looks like, and some of the amazing creatures down there.  It also helps illustrate why I think we should investigate the ocean before we go into space.


Friday Documentary

So, I have linked a couple of documentaries in this series, How the Earth made us, the Deep, and Water.  This week the documentary is about how fire and heat from within the earth has shaped our societies

Friday Documentary

Well, after that huge wall of text yesterday, here is something to relax with heading into the weekend.

A while back I posted a Friday Documentary “Earth Story: Time Travellers”, so today is part two of that, “Earth Story: The Deep”, which is what partially inspired my very long ramble yesterday!


Friday documentary

The documentary today is part of a series from the BBC, called Nature’s Microworlds, and the series is about some of the most interesting ecosystems in the world, and the interactions between the organisms which inhabit them.

I have chosen to show this because it helps to show what interests me about environmental biology, and a little bit about how I see the natural world.  There are other episodes in the series, covering the Serengeti,

A second video this week (only a short one) from the awesome Symphony of Science, which also expands the same view to a cosmic scale!

Friday Documentary

This week the documentary is another episode from the one last week as it seems a lot of people liked that one.

This episode is about how water influences civilization, and how different societies have in the past adapted to deal with a finite supply of water. Enjoy!

Friday Documentary

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, I am in  the middle of exams at the moment, but hope to have the 2nd post on brachiopods up at the weekend.

So, the documentary I have for you today is “How the earth made us” Episode 1: Deep Earth

I mentioned last week that I also love geology, this programme is about how the geological processes of the Earth have played a role in human civilisation throughout history.  Later episodes cover atmospheric conditions, climate, water and fire (volcanos).

For me, this series combines so many aspects of natural science that I love.  I wanted to go into Climate Science, but, Atmospheric Physics has a LOT of very scary maths in it, although I love the complexity…I have had to promise that I am not going to do stormchasing if I ever go to the USA, or at least dont tell people til after I do it!  I also have a crazy fascination with volcanos, and again, have been asked to not mention it if I am going clambering up the side of the volcano when I go travelling!

So, without further ado, Dr Iain Stewart with How the Earth made us. Enjoy!

Friday Documentary

The documentary today covers my other passion in science, geology, as well as one of my favourite reading topics, the history of science.

I find it fascinating and inspiring to learn how discoveries were made, what led to them, and what the people who made them were thinking about.

This is episode one from a BBC series called “Earth Story”, and this first episode is about how geology as a science came to be, and what led scientists to start considering that the earth is several billion years old rather than a few thousand.

For me, geology is fascinating because, once you have even a very basic understanding of it, it changes the way you see the world as you are walking around.  You start noticing details you had not seen before, and a cliff or hillside never looks the same again, and even in flatter landscapes, you start recognising certain features which show the changes in the landscape over time, as rivers move.