Sunday Documentary

Yes, yes, I know it is usually the Friday documentary, but, with everything getting back into a rhythm after New Year, I thought a nice Sunday relaxing one would be ideal.

This is a BBC one from late last year, about the life cycle of stars.  I started watching it last night, aiming to fall asleep to it, but had to stay awake to the end!

Astronomy is not usually something I post about, as it is not a subject I know much about, but, this one was fascinating!



Just one more…

Final post about the ocean for now, honest!

I linked a clip from this in my last post, but have just watched the full episode, and thought it was one for sharing with you all.

BBC: Blue Planet, Deep Trouble covers some of the coral reef things I mentioned today, as well as other issues my fellow blogger and awesome sciencey person Argylesock has been covering:

Tomorrow is back onto the journey through evolution, with more on the cowry.

Stop gap post while I am revising

As I mentioned last week, I have an exam on Wednesday, so am doing some final revision today and tomorrow, so no long posts til Wednesday.

On Wednesday I will be picking up with the story of life on earth, but until then, I wanted to share this documentary.

It is another BBC one (I have a thing for their awesome documentaries), and is on the topic of human evolution.

It is part of a series called “The Origins of Us”, and this episode is about our bones.

I hope you find it as interesting as I did.  Alice Roberts, the presenter is one of my favourite presenters of anthropology type documentaries.

Friday Documentary

This week the documentary is another episode from the one last week as it seems a lot of people liked that one.

This episode is about how water influences civilization, and how different societies have in the past adapted to deal with a finite supply of water. Enjoy!

Friday Documentary!

It is taking a bit longer than I thought to source material for my next post, so, here is a documentary I have been watching these past few days.  It goes some way to explain the reasons why I do the subject I do (Environmental Biology).  For me, it is all about finding the connections between organisms in an ecosystem, and the presenter of this documentary shares my enthusiasm for these links between animals and plants.

The documentary is Secrets of our living planet, from the BBC, presented by Chris Packham, and I have chosen Episode 3, on the seasonal northern forests.  This is the climate zone I am most familiar with, although this documentary focuses on North American forests, the forests are not so different from the ones in the region I live in (Northern Europe), although North America has far cooler wildlife, and WAY bigger forests!

If you have an hour to spare, grab a cup of tea/coffee, and sit down and watch this, if you like David Attenborough documentaries, you will like this, it is a bit more in depth than Attenborough, and is really fascinating, especially if you have never looked at these connections before.

I have also put a short second video up because, well, it is awesome, and even though it looks really insane, I would love to be able to do this! Having said that, I would need some serious breathing exercises before attempting it I think, even if I knew what I was doing!  It is Jeb Corliss base-jumping/gliding, and I want one of those squirrel suits!

Normal posting will resume on Monday!