Sunday Documentary

Yes, yes, I know it is usually the Friday documentary, but, with everything getting back into a rhythm after New Year, I thought a nice Sunday relaxing one would be ideal.

This is a BBC one from late last year, about the life cycle of stars.  I started watching it last night, aiming to fall asleep to it, but had to stay awake to the end!

Astronomy is not usually something I post about, as it is not a subject I know much about, but, this one was fascinating!



Friday Documentary

This weeks documentary is following up on a post I made earlier, where I showed some Bathymetry images HERE

This one is from Discovery Channel, and is called “Drain the Ocean”, and shows some very nice images of what the seafloor looks like, and some of the amazing creatures down there.  It also helps illustrate why I think we should investigate the ocean before we go into space.

Friday Documentary

Well, after that huge wall of text yesterday, here is something to relax with heading into the weekend.

A while back I posted a Friday Documentary “Earth Story: Time Travellers”, so today is part two of that, “Earth Story: The Deep”, which is what partially inspired my very long ramble yesterday!


Friday documentary

The documentary today is part of a series from the BBC, called Nature’s Microworlds, and the series is about some of the most interesting ecosystems in the world, and the interactions between the organisms which inhabit them.

I have chosen to show this because it helps to show what interests me about environmental biology, and a little bit about how I see the natural world.  There are other episodes in the series, covering the Serengeti,

A second video this week (only a short one) from the awesome Symphony of Science, which also expands the same view to a cosmic scale!

Stop gap post while I am revising

As I mentioned last week, I have an exam on Wednesday, so am doing some final revision today and tomorrow, so no long posts til Wednesday.

On Wednesday I will be picking up with the story of life on earth, but until then, I wanted to share this documentary.

It is another BBC one (I have a thing for their awesome documentaries), and is on the topic of human evolution.

It is part of a series called “The Origins of Us”, and this episode is about our bones.

I hope you find it as interesting as I did.  Alice Roberts, the presenter is one of my favourite presenters of anthropology type documentaries.

Friday Documentary

This week the documentary is another episode from the one last week as it seems a lot of people liked that one.

This episode is about how water influences civilization, and how different societies have in the past adapted to deal with a finite supply of water. Enjoy!